Meet Our Agents

Santi Villanueva

CEO/Consultant/Commercial Pilot.

Santi has been “Living the Dream” Since 2010. Has Real Estate Experience in Development, Building, Sales and Rentals since 1995.

Cell & WhatsApp: 863-660-5202


Idaho Representative Andrew is an Avid private pilot Licensed Home Inspector Architect Prepared with the education and experience to be an asset to the endeavor of optimizing aviation living. Andrew D. Furnée Furnée Design & Construction, LLC 1810 N 28th St Boise, ID 83703 (208) 392-5875 EPA RRP NAT-F115701-1 ID Home Inspector Certification #2700046

Will have a Wyoming representative soon. Working on Due diligence

North & South Carolina Representative : Geneva Allen Owner, Realtor & Agent Licensed in both States. Cell Phone: 704-798-5214 Fax: 1-877-225-1995 Email:

 Pennsylvania Affiliate

Tony Arjona of JCarroll Molloy

Office :(215) 348-3558

Cell : (215) 360-9761

Jordan Butler

Canadian Consultant :

Jordan Butler is passionate about aviation and is educated in the Aviation Management field. He owns and manages a aviation fan page on Facebook and has handled the day to day operations at 2 small airports.   

Cell: 519 331 2005

*State of Florida *

A Real Estate Company based in Tampa will handle all the legal Real Estate transactions and listings.  Will upload the Brokers name and Real Estate Agents in charge ones we finish with all the Due Diligence.    Also will partnership with well established Aviation Specialist all over the State to help us serve you better and faster.